Sustainable Cities

The Summit Foundation's Sustainable Cities program seeks to radically increase the sustainability of cities through transformative climate action.

The solutions exist to halve global greenhouse emissions by 2030, and those solutions need to be implemented with unprecedented speed. We focus on projects and policies at the city scale because they can simultaneously improve quality of life for city dwellers while addressing the climate crisis.

Climate action must include greenhouse gas mitigation as well as adapting to the climate impacts that will continue to increase in severity. We believe a successful response to the climate crisis will not only transform our energy systems and land use patterns, but also the broken systems that exacerbate inequalities. Equitable climate action at the city scale must be led by the community and benefit the most vulnerable first.

Program Goals


Given all of the recent federal activity around transportation, we thought it would be useful to our friends and colleagues to summarize what we are hearing week to week. All of the recordings are available on YouTube with new updates every other week during the summer of 2020…. Read More »

The Summit Foundation is playing a leadership role in convening funders for climate, health, equity and community around the banner of sustainable transportation…. Read More »


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Mobility Fund Catalyzes More than $700,000 in Grants to Support Transit, Biking and Walking Advocates

Eight mobility advocacy groups will receive a total of more than $700,000 supporting their work for sustainable and equitable transportation amid the mounting crises of systemic inequities and the coronavirus pandemic… Read More »

Recent Grants

Here are a few of the projects and organizations we have supported recently.