Fast Company Honors’s SAFE Cities Campaign


In honor of their work limiting pollution and greenhouse gases in cities across North America, Summit grantee’s SAFE Cities Campaign has been recognized by Fast Company’s 2023 list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. The list highlights organizations that the magazine describes as “paving the way for innovations of tomorrow [and] setting the standard with some of the greatest accomplishments of the modern world.”

The SAFE (Stand Against Fossil Fuel Expansion) Cities Campaign is an internationally networked coalition of local movements working to limit fossil fuels and to support community leaders to adopt SAFE policies that accelerate clean, just, and more efficient energy solutions. The three categories of SAFE policies include protection from fossil fuel infrastructure, electrification of buildings, and electrified public and private transport. To date there are more than 135 SAFE cities in 17 countries across the globe. Together, they have passed over 164 SAFE policies that improve the lives of over 82 million people.

Summit is proud to support’s work in delivering large-scale change for the health of our planet and the people inhabiting it. Their work is made possible through their rapid response team of one million people, including local organizers, environmental justice groups, national groups beyond the environmental movement, networks of governments, legal experts, and frontline communities.


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