RECARGA: Supporting Educational Recovery in Central America

Credit: Global Fund for Children

Children in Guatemala and Honduras face persistent barriers to their educational success, which were further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Global Fund for Children (GFC) launched the RECARGA initiative in 2022 which is resourced primarily by a funder collaborative that includes Tinker FoundationThe Summit FoundationInternational Community FoundationLuis von Ahn FoundationFocus Central America, and Vibrant Village Foundation.

RECARGA is an acronym for Recuperando la Educación en Centroamérica: Activando Redes y Grupos Asociados (Educational Recovery in Central America: Supporting the Critical Role of Civil Society Organizations). The initiative supports the recovery, renewal, and improvement of learning environments. It provides funding and organizational capacity strengthening support to the partners, with the goal of increasing their influence and impact beyond direct service delivery.

As the manager of the initiative, GFC provides direct support to local organizations and facilitates networking, convening, and collaboration in Guatemala and Honduras, supported with research and resource partners Population Council in Guatemala and CIPE Consultores in Honduras. The local partner organizations have varied missions and focus, including addressing gender inequality in education, providing education to children rejected from public schools, alternative or supplementary education, literacy and life skills programs, sustainable development and livelihoods, technical education in traditional handicrafts, invigorating libraries in schools, and providing education in violence-prone regions.


Global Fund for Children – RECARGA

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