Innovative MAR+Invest Conservation Finance Project Launched

Credit: Brian Skerry

Global Fund for Coral Reefs Awards Mesoamerican Reef Fund and Partners $1.7M Grant for Inception Phase of New Effort

Responding to the need to reverse the declining trajectory of reef health as well as bolster investment and business opportunities in the region, the Mesoamerican Reef Fund (MAR Fund) and partners launched MAR+Invest in July 2022 as an innovative blended finance mechanism focused on cultivating regional reef-positive business opportunities across the region. Services provided by MAR+Invest include identifying promising business initiatives; providing capacity building, mentoring, and finance solutions; attracting additional funding/investment; and conducting environmental monitoring and analysis for the initiatives in its portfolio. By fostering enabling conditions for businesses that protect and better reef health while generating returns, MAR+Invest looks to close the gap in capital needed for regional marine conservation while creating income-producing opportunities for coastal communities.

MAR+Invest is a region-wide collaboration of Mesoamerican Reef Fund, the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative, Sureste Sostenible’s MAR Leadership Program, Fondo Mexicano para La Conservación de la Naturaleza, and New Ventures/Viwala, bringing together regional experts in reef monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and development, finance, impact investing, and innovation.

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