A Campaign: Being a Father is Educating

Credit: Girl Rising

In Guatemala, structural barriers such as inequality, misogyny, and racism prevent girls, especially indigenous girls, from accessing education. Additionally, the country has one of the highest rates of femicide worldwide, and gender-based violence has a unique impact on girls and adolescents. To combat these issues, community-based organizations are working to break down educational barriers and reduce violence against girls.

The Advocacy Network for Girls and Adolescents (Red de Incidencia de Niñas y Adolescentes or RINA) is a coalition of girl-focused organizations from across Guatemala that advocates for the rights, protection, and inclusion of adolescent girls. With support from our grantee Girl Rising-Guatemala, RINA connects various types of organizations to amplify their efforts.

In January and February 2023 when annual school registration takes place in Guatemala, RINA launched a campaign in four municipalities with high indigenous populations in Sololá Department. Called “Being a Father is Educating: Join Other Men Supporting the Education of Their Daughters,” the campaign targeted fathers to promote the importance of girls’ education and showcase stories of fathers supporting their daughters, as well as the diverse opportunities that education can offer women. Four local organizations – Amigos de Santa Cruz, Little Giants/Fundación Poulias, MAIA Impact School, and REDMI Aq’ab’al  — collaborated on the campaign design and most importantly implemented it in their municipalities.

Men and boys are important allies for girls’ and women’s rights, and fathers can help change long-held ideas about girls’ and women’s social roles. Fathers can support their daughters’ aspirations, promote their education, affirm their right to marry who they want or not marry at all, and help them confront other gender stereotypes.


RINA – Advocacy Network for Girls and Adolescents

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