Sustainable Cities

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) is a collaboration of international cities committed to achieving aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals. Because urban areas account for nearly three-quarters of humanity’s emissions, reaching carbon neutrality will depend in large part on our ability to reimagine and reinvent cities in ways that promote economic prosperity, social equity, enhanced quality of life, and climate resilience.

CNCA members have identified seven promising, next-generation practices to share with other cities. They are Game Changers: impactful actions that can accelerate and amplify decarbonization in cities. This is what CNCA cities are doing and what is happening on the ground at the leading edge of city decarbonization practice.

Game Changers

1. Adopt a Zero-Emissions Standard for Buildings
2. Build a Ubiquitous Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 
3. Mandate the Recovery of Organic Material 
4. Electrify Buildings’ Heating and Cooling Systems
5. Designate Car-Free and Low-Emission Vehicle Zones
6. Empower Local Producers and Buyers of Renewable Electricity 
7. Set a Climate Budget to Drive Deep Decarbonization 

For more information about the CNCA, please visit their website.


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