Sustainable Cities

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) is a collaboration of international cities committed to achieving aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals. Cities striving for carbon neutrality recognize that averting the worst impacts of climate change will require cutting GHG emissions by at least 80% by 2050. Because urban areas account for nearly three-quarters of humanity’s emissions, reaching this goal will depend in large part on our ability to reimagine and reinvent cities in ways that promote economic prosperity, social equity, enhanced quality of life, and climate resilience.

With member cities ranging from Sydney to Seattle, the CNCA aims to address what it will take for leading international cities to achieve these deep emissions reductions and how they can work together to meet their respective goals more efficiently and effectively. The CNCA hopes to make an impact through sharing and implementing best practices, and collaborating in order to have a more powerful role within the global stage of climate change.

For more information about the CNCA, please visit their website.


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