Recent Grants

Please note certain grants were approved and funded by the Roger and Vicki Sant Donor-Advised Fund at The Greater Washington Community Foundation.


2030 Inc.

Santa Fe, NM
$50,000 over one year (2018)
Achieving Zero

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals

Montpelier, VT
$50,000 over six months (2018)
Phase 2 of Enhancing Stakeholder Alignment, Value, and Partnerships for the American Society of Adaptation Professionals

Earth Economics

Tacoma, WA
75,000 over 9 months (2018)
From Service Delivery Targets to Community Outcomes: Implementing the Blueprint for Increased Investment in Green Infrastructure


Portland, OR
$50,000 over one year (2018)
Advancing the Protocol: Growing the Marketplace and Advancing Exemplary Urban and Community Development Project

Eno Center for Transportation

Washington, DC
$62,000 over nine months (2018)
Advancing Decongestion Pricing in Key U.S. Cities: Phase 1

Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities

Coral Gables, FL
$100,000 over one year (2018)
Partners for Places Grant Program

Global Philantrophy Partnership

Chicago, IL
$175,000 over one year (2018)
Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Innovation Fund & Game Changer Project

$250,000 over one year (2018)
Urban Sustainability Directors Network

$150,000 over one year (2018)
Advancement of the Green Infrastructure Leadership Exchange

Innovation Network for Communities (INC)

Tamworth, NH
$70,000 over one year (2018)
Assessing New Opportunities for Local Government Climate Strategy

$50,000 over one year (2018)
Creating District-Scale Wealth from Decarbonization and Adaptation Value

$150,000 over one year (2018)
The Building Electrification Initiative: Cities Driving Change

$20,000 over six months (2018)
Next Steps for Supporting City Energy Supply Transformation: Funder Engagement & Strategy Prospectus

$250,000 over one year (2018)
Building a City Climate-Resilience Financial System

International Living Futures Institute

Seattle, WA
$60,000 over one year (2018)
Living Community Challenge

$40,000 over one year (2018)
Building Resilience 2019 Conference

In Our Backyards, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY
$50,000 over one year (2018)
City Partnerships Program

Island Press

Washington, DC
$150,000 over one year (2018)
Built Environment Program

PeopleForBikes Foundation

Boulder, CO
$30,000 over 1 year (2018)
Bicycle Network Connectivity Tool

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA
$64,400 over one year (2018)
Charting the Path Forward for the Biophilic Cities Network

U.S. Green Building Council

Washington, DC
$150,000 over one year (2018)
Stimulating Regional Competition and Demand for the New, Expanded LEED for Cities Program

Wildlife Conservation Society

Bronx, NY
$25,000 over one year (2018)
The True Nature of Sustainable Cities