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The Central America & Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund)

The Central America and Mexico Youth Fund (CAMY Fund) is a multi-donor initiative that supports projects in Central America and Mexico that are led by youth, for the benefit of youth. Launched in 2014 by the Seattle International Foundation with support from Summit, the CAMY Fund gives young project leaders the tools they need to succeed – providing funding and technical assistance with project planning, budgeting, and evaluation of results. Current supported projects focus on girls’ equality and adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Examples from among CAMY’s approximately 20 grantees since inception are: GOJoven Guatemala, to create forums that inform public officials about the passage of the law raising the age of marriage to 18 and ensure their commitment to its application; COINCIDIR in Guatemala, to increase the enrollment, permanence and success of girls in secondary school in the municipality of San Luis Jilotepeque, Jalapa; and the Organization for Youth Empowerment in Honduras, for SRH and rights education and training of student leaders from marginalized urban communities in Yoro.

For an infographic of CAMY Fund’s 2016 achievements, click here. 

New CAMY Fund Initiative on Child Marriage/Early Unions

In June 2017, with the support of the Summit Foundation, the Ford Foundation and Novo Foundation, the CAMY Fund launched a Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)-wide initiative focusing on ending child marriage and early unions (CM/EUs) with a sub-regional emphasis on Mexico and Central America.  See the press release here.

Among the new initiative’s aims will be to better network LAC organizations with interest in ending CM/EUs to each other and to global efforts such as Girls Not Brides, to disseminate information, research and strategies and to coordinate advocacy. Additionally, this new initiative will target organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua for grantmaking and technical assistance. The CAMY Fund will also support new research on child marriage and early unions in the region by linking local researchers with grantee organizations.

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