Recent Grants

Please note certain grants were approved and funded by the Roger and Vicki Sant Donor-Advised Fund at The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region.

Blue Ventures Conservation

London, United Kingdom
$45,000 over one year (2017)
Achieving Long-Term Lionfish Control in Belize

Centre for Marine Ecology

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
$200,000 over one year (2016)
Establishing a Network of No-Take Marine Reserves in Honduras

Coral Reef Alliance

Oakland, CA
$115,000 over one year (2017)
Continuation of Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative-Honduras (MARTI) and Science for Climate Adaptation in the Mesoamerican Reef

Environmental Defense Fund

New York, NY
$110,000 over one year (2017)
Managed Access in Belize: Scaling Reef Ecosystem Recovery

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

Eugene, OR
$150,000 over one year (2016)
Cleaning up Waste and Mitigating Impact from Tourist Developments in Guatemala and Honduras through Law and Public Participation

Eugene, OR
$130,000 over one year (2016)
Protecting Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula through Advocacy and Law (in partnership with Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, A.C.)

International Community Foundation

National City, CA
$90,000 over one year (2017)
Ensuring Long-term Success for the Fish Refuges and Sustainable Fishing in the Mexican MAR (in partnership with Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.)

International League of Conservation Photographers

Washington, DC
$50,000 over nine months (2016)
Promoting Digital Technologies for Improved Small-Scale Fisheries and Reef Management in the MAR

LGL Ecological Research Associates, Inc.

Bryan, TX
$32,000 over one year (2016)
Supporting Fish Spawning Aggregation Conservation in Guatemala

Mesoamerican Reef Fund

Guatemala City, Guatemala
$200,000 over one year (2016)
MAR Leadership Program (in partnership with Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza)

Guatemala City, Guatemala
$50,000 over one year (2016)
Improving Reef Resilience and Biomass Recovery through Coral Restoration in No-Take Areas (in partnership with Oceanus, A.C.)


Washington, DC
$100,000 over one year (2017)
Protecting Belize’s Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries

Smithsonian Institution

$185,000 over one year (2016)
Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative

$250,000 over eight months (2016)
Creating a Network of No-Take Zones in the Honduran Caribbean

$24,177 over six months (2016)
Using Genomic Techniques to Identify the Country of Origin of Queen Conch

Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs

Calabasas, CA
$107,000 over 12 months (2016)
Preventing Ocean Plastic Pollution in the MAR Region by Engaging the Social Enterprise Sector (in partnership with Think Beyond Plastic)

Sustainable Travel International

Seattle, WA
$70,000 over nine months (2017)
Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative: Engaging Tourism Businesses to Protect the MAR

Toledo Institute for Development and Environment

Punta Gorda, Belize
$80,000 over one year (2017)
Strengthening Fisheries Management in Belize

Wildlife Conservation Society

Bronx, NY
$100,000 over one year (2017)
No-take Areas Expansion and Sustainable Fisheries in Belize