Sustainable Cities


Written by renowned architect Jan Gehl and public space expert Birgitte Scarre, How to Study Public Life draws from their combined experiences of over 50 years to provide a history of public-life study as well as methods and tools necessary to orient urban planning towards more livable human-scale design. They share examples and lessons learned from working in Copenhagen, New York, Sydney and other cities around the world and demonstrate how the quality of urban public spaces can lead to dramatic changes in how cities develop. Equal parts informative and inspiring… Read More »

The STAR Community Rating System is a comprehensive framework and online performance management system for local cities and counties that encompasses energy, infrastructure, the environment, health, equity, the economy and jobs, and the built environment… Read More »

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) has produced a series of infographics illustrating how much is spent on fossil fuels every year in five US cities including Washington D.C. The infographics summarize spending by citizens, businesses and city governments, showing where the money goes and what it could otherwise fund if it were redirected into… Read More »

Partners for Places is a matching grant program that builds partnerships between local place-based foundations and municipal sustainability directors in the U.S and Canada. The fund provides matching investments on a competitive basis… Read More »