Mesoamerican Reef

Ending Overfishing

Fisher spears a lionfish

The lionfish has transformed into one of the biggest threats to marine life in the Atlantic Ocean, where it was accidentally introduced in the late 1980s…. Read More »

Whale shark

Central America has banned shark finning—the practice of removing a shark’s fins and discarding the animal in the sea—but the consumption of shark and ray meat continues. In Honduras, shark fishing is banned throughout most of the country, and in Belize there is limited consumption of shark meat. However, demand for shark fillet across the… Read More »

Working with fishers in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, COBI is focusing on the strategically important fish spawning aggregation sites, where commercially valuable species such as groupers and snappers reproduce at predictable times, leaving them highly vulnerable to overfishing…. Read More »

An alliance of 40 organizations – from fishing cooperatives and government agencies to NGOs and academics – is working to establish a network of fish refuges in Quintana Roo. … Read More »

Belize is the first country in the world to adopt a national, multispecies secure fishing rights program for small-scale fisheries. The new paradigm empowers Belize’s fishers and communities to conserve and protect the ecosystem, while still using its resources to provide for their families.
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