Mesoamerican Reef


This 13-minute video raises awareness about the damage caused by gillnets in Belize and how traditional gillnet fishers are increasingly joining sports fishers and others to support its ban. … Read More »

A growing number of shrimp farms in Belize is now under Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification, adding up to 10,000 tons of sustainably produced shrimp to the marketplace while reducing effluents that impact the reef ecosystem…. Read More »

This 4-minute video explains why it makes economic sense to think of fish refuges as “piggy banks” of the ocean. It is part of a campaign to promote fish refuges in the Mesoamerican Reef and gain support from fishers and government officials for the target of establishing 20 percent of the reef ecoregion as no-take zones…. Read More »

This 9-minute video explores the launch of the OurFish App in Honduras, a digital reporting system that enables fishing communities to monitor the amount, type, and location of fish being caught…. Read More »

This 30-minute video follows the Managed Access Fisheries Program in Belize as it works to bring an end to practices that are harming commercial fisheries and reef ecosystem health…. Read More »