About The Summit Foundation

Established in 1991, The Summit Foundation, a private family foundation, is committed to a world where people can thrive and nature can flourish – a world in which one is not sacrificed for the other. We seek to promote the health and well-being of the planet – its people and its natural environment – by achieving gender equality, protecting the earth’s biodiversity and making cities livable. Grant-making is directed toward three program priorities:

  • Equality for Women and Girls, which seeks to achieve gender equality for marginalized women and girls by transforming their social, reproductive and economic lives;
  • Conserving the Mesoamerican Reef, with the long term goal of ensuring that the Mesoamerican Reef thrives as a healthy, productive ecosystem capable of supporting vibrant economies and providing abundant marine resources for generations to come; and
  • Sustainable Cities, which seeks to radically increase the sustainability of US cities through transformative climate action.

Our Core Values

Since 1991, The Summit Foundation has supported organizations working to improve our world and the quality of life for its inhabitants. Underlying this commitment to global sustainability are three core values that reflect our founders’ philosophy:

Shifting the Context. Achieving a sustainable and healthy future for the generations to come will entail profound changes in our perspective and thinking. We believe that shifting the context in which problems are viewed can reveal innovative solutions.

Achieving Results. We are committed to having an impact that is significant and enduring. We seek results that go beyond stopgap measures and that delve into the systemic sources of problems and achieve deeply rooted change.

Investing in People. We invest in the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of people, and we count on their goodness and wisdom to triumph. We believe that people are capable of extraordinary accomplishments when they have the right tools to achieve their goals and are fully empowered to give their best to the world.

Trustees, Officers and Staff

Trustees and Officers
Roger W. Sant, Chair
Victoria P. Sant, (1939-2018) Chair and President Emerita
Lex Sant, President
President, Sant Foundation
Shari Sant Plummer, Secretary
President, Code Blue Foundation
Jason Hicks, Treasurer
Cristián Samper, Trustee
President and Chief Executive, Wildlife Conservation Society
Chrissie Sant, Trustee
John Sant, Trustee
Michael Sant, Trustee
President, Sant Architects, Inc.
Ali Sant-Johnson, Trustee
Founder and Partner, Studio for Urban Projects
Lindi von Mutius, Trustee
Director, Sustainability and Global Development Practice
Graduate Programs, Harvard Extension School
Shira Saperstein, Trustee
Independent Consultant
Trustee Emeritus
Kathryn S. Fuller
Vice Chair, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Kathy Hall
Director, Equality for Women and Girls
Cheri Recchia
Director, Mesoamerican Reef
Nick Sifuentes
Director, Sustainable Cities
Jen Ruffner
Director, Grants Management
Erika Quinteros Lucas
Program Assistant, Equality for Women and Girls
Elizabeth Sullins
Program Assistant, Mesoamerican Reef
Diane Crockett
Chief Financial Officer
Pavla Teie
Executive Assistant


In seeking the greatest impact possible with our available resources, The Summit Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals, requests, or letters of inquiry. Grant application guidelines are available only for invited organizations.

Photo Credit: Perkins+Will