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Month: July 2017

Girls Not Brides Logo

Girls Not Brides is global partnership of over 700 civil society groups committed to ending child marriage and creating opportunity for girls to fulfill their potential… Read More »

NACTO’s Transit Street Design Guide provides detailed recommendations and illustrated examples for integrating bus, streetcar, and light rail transit with biking and pedestrian features into the fabric of complete urban streets. Intended for transportation practitioners… Read More »

Cities for people cropped title page

In this revolutionary book (Cities for People), Jan Gehl presents his latest work creating (or recreating) cityscapes on a human scale. He clearly explains the methods and tools he uses to reconfigure unworkable cityscapes into the landscapes he believes they should be: cities for people… Read More »

Biophilic Cities greenery on cover

Biophilic Cities by Tim Beatley argues that human beings have an innate need to connect with the natural world (the biophilia hypothesis). And any vision of a sustainable urban future must place its focus squarely on nature, on the presence, conservation, and celebration… Read More »

In The Guide to Greening Cities, seasoned green city leaders Sadhi Johnston, Steven Nicholas, and Julia Parzen use success stories from across North America to show how to turn a green city agenda into reality. Recently published by Island Press, theis book… Read More »

Written by renowned architect Jan Gehl and public space expert Birgitte Scarre, How to Study Public Life draws from their combined experiences of over 50 years to provide a history of public-life study as well as methods and tools necessary to orient urban planning towards more livable human-scale design. They share examples and lessons learned from working in Copenhagen, New York, Sydney and other cities around the world and demonstrate how the quality of urban public spaces can lead to dramatic changes in how cities develop. Equal parts informative and inspiring… Read More »

The STAR Community Rating System is a comprehensive framework and online performance management system for local cities and counties that encompasses energy, infrastructure, the environment, health, equity, the economy and jobs, and the built environment… Read More »

Guttmacher Institute- Guateala Sexuality Report

De la Normativa a la Práctica: la Política y el Currículo de Educación en Sexualidad y su Implementación en Guatemala, June 2017.
Additional reports from the Guttmacher Institute can be found here…. Read More »

Millions Learning report cover

Expanding on the results outlined in the Million’s Learning Report, the Millions Learning Case Studies provide a more in-depth look at 12 of the programs from the previous report… Read More »

Poder screen capture

Directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Lisa Russell, the film PODER tells the story of two young indigenous Guatemalan girl leaders who fought for a municipal office and financial resources to support adolescent girls’ development in their municipality… Read More »